Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Don't feel duped if you expected this to be a post about getting bumped off of an another overbooked international flight.  All new overseas adventures are coming to "Garth's Blog" very soon!  In 2013, I'll try not to make the same blogging mistake I make each and every year:  waiting so long to blog about my trips that some of my best international blog posts get left out.

The thing that is overbooked is me.  I've been booked to speak three times today... twice at Faith Bible school and again tonight at church.  Gone are the days of getting stressed out about preparing a "Big Church" sermon, youth talk, and commencement speech in the span of an entire bi-vocational week.  Yet, I am grateful (and baffled, frankly, that I was asked) for these opportunities to give inspirational messages.

But delivering three full-length messages in the same day?  In addition to brainstorming for tomorrow's blank slate international trip?  My brain is full.  Clearly, I'll need some extra grace today.  It doesn't help that this has been a heavy week for me... I hurt when those whom I love are hurting, and especially when they attempt to harm themselves.


A post like this would be normally be banished to my other, personal blog site.  However, it felt right to send this out to a wider audience this morning.  The non-spiritual, lighthearted fun will return to "Garth's Blog" next time.

In the meantime, I'm asking that any of you who pray would remember me in prayer today.  And if you're not praying... wait, why aren't you praying?!

Love you all!  Thanks for letting me be real.

P.S. For no reason whatsoever, here is a video clip of Lena trying to act innocent after keeping us awake through most of the night:  

What a cutie!


Susan Hamilton said...

I'm praying for you today, Garth.

I love the sweet video of Lena you posted today...I've already watched it three times. Love, your mama

Garth Hamilton said...

I love that video, too. And nothing compares to holding the real deal in your arms!