Friday, February 22, 2013

No Sleep 'Til Bogota!

En route to Colombia:

My apologies to the Beastie Boys for hijacking their party rock anthem for this blog post title, sent from Economy Class.

My Delta MD-88 lands in snowy Minneapolis for my connection to Atlanta.  After Atlanta, it's on to Bogota, Colombia!

My journey to Central America should have begun either Wednesday night or last night. Had I bothered to read my own "Overbooked" (link) post, it would have dawned on me that squeezing in a red eye flight on Wednesday would be pushing it. Then yesterday, my Delta seniority (read: boarding priority) was no match for the paying passengers on any of the Atlanta flights. The late hour of the last flight set me up for an all-nighter to join today's early morning standby list.  No sleep 'til...yeah.

Since then, the destination has changed three times. Trekking in Ecuador (link) is still near the top of my list, and hanging out with my wandering friends in Nicaragua or Costa Rica would have been a nice chillaxing time. Even Guatemala was ruled out at the last minute. It's funny how losing two entire travel days can make even the most reckless of guys reel it in a bit.

Most importantly, I'm hoping to briefly swing back by Portland next week to sweep away Kathy and Lena for the European leg of the trip!  Granted, it's going to take a LOT of charm and persuasion to break them loose from the nest.  I'm up for the challenge.

In the meantime, I'm so grateful for the friends and family who are watching our adorable little 17 month old Lena in my absence. Kathy appreciates the undisturbed study time, and we both miss that sweet little baby!

Two more flights to go! I just landed here in wintry Minneapolis to catch my next flight to Atlanta. From there, it's South America all the way.

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