Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sunriver, Pt 1: A Wedding Countdown (feat. Kathy)

Garth’s Blog is back!!

Question:  What could possibly top our previous visit to Brent and Cheryl’s house in Bend for a weekend of Thanksgiving hiking, skateboarding, dancing, live music, great food, and family time?



Answer:  Brent and Cheryl’s wedding in Sunriver last month, of course, with snow tubing, hot tubbing, hiking, bicycling, dancing, and celebrating!!


Before we get to February’s wedding in Sunriver, here are a couple of additional Eastern Oregon photos that didn’t make the cut for January’s “Fever for Lena, Pt. 2” (link) blog post:

From November: Another band gets the crowd moving at Ten Barrel’s music fest in Bend

From November: A Black Friday “hike” up Pilot Butte for a panoramic view of Mt Bachelor, Mt Baker, Mt Hood, Smith Rock other Northwest landmarks


Many readers have been asking about my break from Garth’s Blog for the past several weeks.  Work and play have kept me busy, and my personal writing time has been focused on my other blogs.  Now that I’ve finished editing, tagging, and captioning hundreds of Brent and Cheryl’s wedding weekend photos, let’s turn over the rest of this post to my talented wife.  In the words (in italics) of special guest blogger Kathy, the sister of the bride:

It was a weekend every girl dreams of, family, friends, fun, laughter and marrying your best friend.  That dream became a reality for my little sister, Cheryl, on Saturday February 2, 2013, married her best friend, Brent Bishop in Sunriver, OR.  I was excited for many reasons: a road trip, gaining a new brother-in-law, seeing my brother Tony who lives in Kabul, being with family and most of all seeing Cheryl so very happy.


Jeep road trip to Sunriver with 16 ½ month old Lena

Thanks to Auntie Cher for this picture of Lena seeing Uncle Tony for the second occasion in her life!

We were hoping for some snow while we were there, but all we had was the hard, iced-over snow from weeks prior.


None the less, we still tried to pull Lena on our new snow disc.

Lena was not a fan.


Later that Friday afternoon, the three of us walked the trail into the village to enjoy the blue sky, sunshine and fresh air.

Warming up in the Jacuzzi before the dinner party

Friday night was the pre-wedding dinner party.  Family and friends gathered for great food and company.


It was fun meeting Brent’s side of the family and having the chance to catch up with my dad’s cousin Eileen and Aunt Ruth.



The Big Day would be here in a few hours!

Coming Saturday on BlogSpot…

Pt. 2: A Wild Wedding in Sunriver!

And then…

Adventures in Switzerland!!


Jane said...

Hi Garth!
My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
I was looking for blogs about Sunriver to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
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Garth Hamilton said...

Go right ahead, Jane! I'd be honored for you to share this post on your website. I'll email you.

My follow-up post featuring Sunriver is here: