Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sunriver, Pt. 2: A Wild Wedding (feat. Kathy)

This morning’s conclusion to Kathy’s “A Wedding Countdown” post (link) is being served with a steaming side of déjà vu.  Or maybe just a starting appetizer.  My intro to Part 1 has been tightened up and recycled here out of sheer laziness… not to be confused with contempt for you terrific readers!

My opening words may be the same, but the rest is all Kathy.  Feel free to skip down to the new stuff.

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Brent Bishop… You may now kiss the bride!

Warming up the dance floor at the wedding reception!

What could possibly top our previous visit to Brent and Cheryl’s house in Bend for a weekend of Thanksgiving hiking, skateboarding, dancing, live music, great food, and family time?

Why, Brent and Cheryl’s wedding in Sunriver last month, of course, with snow tubing, hot tubbing, hiking, bicycling, dancing, and celebrating!!

Let’s turn over the rest of this post to my talented wife.  In the words (in italics) of special guest blogger Kathy, the sister of the bride:

It was a weekend every girl dreams of, family, friends, fun, laughter and marrying your best friend.  That dream became a reality for my little sister, Cheryl, on Saturday February 2, 2013, married her best friend, Brent Bishop in Sunriver, OR.  I was excited for many reasons: a road trip, gaining a new brother-in-law, seeing my brother Tony who lives in Kabul, being with family and most of all seeing Cheryl so very happy.

After months of prep and anticipation, the BIG day was finally here. Decorating and rehearsal were all done before 11:00.


By 2:30 that afternoon, we were dressed and ready to go.




Then it was time.  All the months of planning came down to this moment, to this hour.  The bride was gorgeous and the flower girl was stunningly cute (but who’s bragging?).


Tobi's daughter Maddie, who was the flower girl at our own wedding nearly 15 years ago, walks 16 1/2 month old flower girl Lena Hamilton down the aisle.

Lighting the unity candle

The reception was one of the more fun ones we’ve been to.  Food, music, and dancing- all night. 

Brent's brother Josh, the best man, gives a toast at the wedding reception.

The cake cutting started innocently enough...

...But then Brent smears the cake, and Cheryl retaliates! This cake fight got hilariously out of hand.

The bride tears up during the father-daughter dance.

Brent throws the garter.

Lena’s dance card was full most of the night.  Between dancing with Daddy, Uncle Tony and Auntie Cheryl, she was tearing up the dance floor.





The next morning, we had brunch with Mr. and Mrs. Bishop before heading home.

 Day 4- Saying goodbye to newlyweds Brent and Cheryl over brunch at the Sunriver Village Bar and Grill

Lena sleeps in the backseat of the Jeep Wrangler on the drive home to Beaverton .

It was truly a fabulous weekend filled with lots of love, family and friends.

Coming Tuesday on BlogSpot…

Home from Colombia, leaving for Switzerland!

And then...

Milan, Italy!!

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Chris Harrison said...

Hi Garth,
My name is Chris Harrison and I work at the SHARC in Sunriver where these photos were taken. I'd like to see if you'd give your permission for us to publish these in our local newspaper and in some upcoming marketing materials. I can be reached at or 541-585-3144. Thanks!