Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cold Hands, Warm Heart: Remembering Olga Trapp

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"Cold hands, warm heart."

Those were the words that Olga Trapp often spoke to me after being jolted by a cold handshake on Sunday mornings. I had typically just returned from some frigid morning rounds of picking up middle/high school students for church with my Jeep's soft top down.

Olga's celebration of life service this afternoon reminded many of us about the other countless inspirational and encouraging words that she spoke during her 92 years on this earth.

From this afternoon:  Pastor Tim shares about "Living a Life of No Regrets" during Olga Trapp's celebration of life service.

Olga displayed the characteristics of a Godly woman which are seemingly harder to find to find these days, at least to the extent that she had them. She was a faithful prayer warrior. She was an encourager. She was a good listener.  She was always willing to share with me both uplifting praise and/or brutally honest criticism of my sermons. Above all, she loved Jesus, her family (including 43 grandkids and great grandkids!), and her friends.  She was a true saint.

This is such a sad time for those of us who loved Olga. After all, the Trapps were one of the founding families of Aloha Church of God in Oregon over 63 years ago. Richard and Olga were the sweetest people, and thus were dear to many of our hearts.

But there couldn't be a happier day for Olga than today. She is partying as hard as she can with Richard, with her friends and family that beat her to heaven, with people whom she's loved and prayed into the Kingdom, and with the Lord whom she loves with all of her heart.

Olga Trapp's celebration of life service at Aloha Church of God

If there are Jeeps in heaven (and why wouldn't they be?), I can't wait to take my soft top down and go for a chilly early morning drive to Olga's house. She'll get a big warm hug and the iciest handshake she's ever had!

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