Friday, April 26, 2013

Huge Anniversary: Celebrating the Big 1-5!

A surfing weekend at Seaside, OR to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary

15 years of marriage. How is that even possible? How did I find someone who could put up with me for 15 years?

Some guys are fortunate enough to marry out of their league. Clearly, I married out of my species.  It's hard to imagine anyone else on Earth that could tolerate my hyperactive and sometimes immature antics for as long as Kathy has.  Seriously, she deserves a medal!

Case in point:  Would any other wife allow me to drag her all over town on St Patrick's day (multiple gigs on a work night AND finals week, no less) as part of a 15th anniversary weekend that should be celebrating BOTH of our interests? I won't kid myself into thinking that Kathy appreciates late nights, loud music, and dancing as much as I do.

Don't worry, I delivered some more "Kathy friendly" anniversary surprises earlier (and coming up!)... hopefully that should make up for St. Paddy's night.  And Kathy's characteristics that make her such a wonderful wife and mommy will be featured in next month's "Mother's Day" blog post!

Baby Lena got in on the anniversary festivities last month, too!

Before unstrapping the surfboard, Daddy and Lena snuggle in the back seat at Seaside.

The more family oriented moments of our 15th anniversary celebration included a fun weekend at the beach in Seaside. Kathy and Lena played on the sand while Daddy surfed the waves.

At night, we sought refuge from the chilly Oregon coast weather with a seafood dinner at Dooger's and a relaxing soak in our hotel room's jetted tub.


Admittedly, the day of our actual anniversary ended up being a romantic disaster that then morphed into one long library study session for Kathy.  None of my ideas to spice things up could salvage it.  Lena and I barely even got to see Kathy that day.

To top things off, Kathy was stuck at PCC taking finals while Lena and I went hiking on some nearby trails.

But Kathy was eager to put that day in perspective.  After all, why limit the Big 1-5 celebration to a single day when the fun can last all month long?

Happy 15th anniversary to the best wife ever, Kathy!!  I thank God for you every day.  You just made my last 15 years fly by like a week!

Coming next week on BlogSpot...

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And then...

Photos from the journey of Lena learning to walk!!


Susan Hamilton said...

Loved reading this description of your 15th wedding anniversary celebration! I agree with you...Kathy is wonderful !

Garth Hamilton said...

Yes, she is! Lena and I are truly blessed.