Monday, April 15, 2013

Video: Breaking News- Lena's First Steps!

Minutes after our first glimpse of Lena's first steps, our 19 month old shows off her hands-free walking skills to Daddy!

Good things come to those who wait.  And wait.  And wonder when baby steps towards progress will turn into actual baby steps.

Kathy and I have waited 19 months for this day, and it's finally here!  Our family and friends have been walking Lena around by our fingertips for months.  All the while, we've been fending off requests from Lena's pediatrician to schedule appointments with a neurodevelopmental specialist.  Nah!

What took Lena so long? Was she too tall?  No, but her 34" height DOES place her in the 95th percentile of 19 month old babies.

Did she lack physical stamina?  No way. She always has energy to spare!

The most likely reason that we're just now witnessing Lena's first steps is... Lena finally decided to show the world what she can do.  Watch out, world.  It's on!!

Sometime in the next few weeks, I'll dedicate an entire Garth's Blog post to previously unseen pictures of Lena getting ready for what happened this evening.  In the meantime, enjoy a video of this God-given historic occasion:

Hit the "play" button above for a video of a momentarily fussy Lena showing off some of her first baby steps this evening!

Coming tomorrow night on BlogSpot...

Home from Colombia, Leaving for Switzerland!

And then...
Milan, Italy!!


Susan Hamilton said...

Woo Hoo ! How exciting! Can you hear me cheering right now? I can hardly wait to spend the day with Lena tomorrow to see her walking! Wow, I gotta charge our camcorder for the big day !

Garth Hamilton said...

We all played a part in this, Vive. We're so excited! When I got home from work yesterday, Kathy told me that Lena had learned something new a few minutes earlier. This was a video of my first time to see Lena walk!

Lena can't wait to show off her new moves for you today!