Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Touching down in Amsterdam

Our plane just landed in Amsterdam. The 30 minutes of Schiphol Airport's free WiFi should be roughly 27 minutes longer than necessary to upload this and my previous "...Snow in the yard" blog post, after we clear Customs.

On a side note... Now that we have kids, Kathy and I obviously don't travel overseas as often as before.  So it was a little unnerving when one our Business Elite cabin flight attendants recognized me as "that Delta guy who flies overseas every few weeks to meet up with friends."  I'm not that guy anymore.

Either that flight attendant has an extraordinary memory... or my travel addiction of days past was a little worse than I figured.

Last week's daytrip to the Netherlands was cancelled so I could give Kathy an extended Mother's Day gift. She deserves it!

But Kathy is taking Lena and Levi to Bend, Oregon this weekend, and my flight home from Bend would've been oversold enough that I would risk missing my return to work.  So naturally, I rescheduled with my friends in Amsterdam for today.   This is only a daytrip, but I'm also working on gathering up a few more nearby buddies of mine while I'm in town.

Too bad the PDX friends who flew over to Amsterdam with me today already have plans elsewhere in Europe.  This will be quite the reunion!

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