Sunday, May 25, 2014

A visit from Afghanistan

The Twitter-authorized version of this family photo

After I flew home from the Netherlands last weekend from another friend-visiting day trip in Amsterdam (link), Kathy and baby Levi flew home from the Easons' trip to Bend, Oregon.  Tom and Lora drove Lena home to us the next day!

Rather than one super long Eason family post, we're gonna split this up into two entries.  Kathy will be coughing up the second blog post about visiting Brent and Cheryl in Bend later this week.

A few get-together photos with the Eason family in Salem are below, in honor of Tony's home visit from Kabul, Afghanistan last month:

3 1/2 month old Levi meets Uncle Tony for the first time

A late Easter egg hunt for Lena

"No, THIS way, Daddy!"

Eason family dinner

Levi enters the Grandpa Tom look-a-like photo contest

With the Original

And now for a final quiz:


What happens when someone takes a family photo and nobody is looking?



Susan Hamilton said...

It is wonderful that Tony was able to come "home" for this visit. Levi looks so much like his Papa Eason in these photos. My favorite photo in this blog post is the last one. SO FUNNY! Thanks for providing a good laugh for us, your blog readers!

Garth Hamilton said...

We thought that outtake photo was pretty hilarious, too! We should all be able to laugh at ourselves.