Sunday, June 1, 2014

More Eason time in Bend (feat. Kathy)

Around the time that I was in Amsterdam hooking up with my French and Swedish friends for the day (link), Kathy and the kids had a weekend trip of their own.  My work schedule during the weekend made flying standby to Bend too risky for this round.  But I'm hoping to take Lena with me on another quick trip to Europe in a few weeks!

Kathy wrote the post below, originally scheduled to be uploaded last week as the companion piece to my "A visit from Afghanistan" entry.  Lena and Levi, Brent and Cheryl, Tom and Lora, and the most amazing wife and mother in the world had quite a time down in the Central Oregon countryside.

Guest blogger Kathy tells all below:

Going to Bend has become a favorite weekend getaway for the Easons.  Besides the beautiful high desert and many outdoor activities to do, my sister Cheryl and her husband Brent live in Tumalo, which is situated between Redmond and Bend.  We always go with my parents, so it makes for a great time with family.

Brent and Cheryl have a couple of acres on a butte with Redmond to the north and Bend to the south.  There is plenty of room for Lena to run and play with her dog cousins, Porter and Yote.   They also have chickens now, so Lena enjoys gathering eggs and feeding them each morning and evening with Aunt Cheri.   This was Levi’s first time to Bend and he loved it too (although it’s a little difficult for him to express that).

On Saturday we had a picnic lunch along the river at Tumalo State Park and then stopped at Schillings Nursery, where they had a little western town and Lena-sized horse buggies.  Upon returning to the house, we spotted four deer in front yard.  Lena wanted to pet one and Brent thought about meat for the winter.  Of course, neither got what they wanted.

On the Sunday morning before we left, Lena helped Uncle Brent prepare their garden spots.  She even “planted” a dead Christmas tree branch to which she said, “Mommy, I plant pretty tree for you.”  It was a fun and relaxing weekend and I can’t wait to go back in a few months. 

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