Saturday, May 3, 2014

Is the Flying Pig Marathon ready for us?

Note:  I'll be reposting this week's deleted "...Snow in the Yard" sequel to "Snow on the Mountain..." (link) with a bunch of new Lena and Levi photos soon.  Check my previous post next weekend for a TON of new content!

Our Flying Pig Marathon relay team is on board a flight from PDX, and we're about to land in Minneapolis.  We'll be connecting to Cincinnati in a couple hours.

Delta Airlines is sending us to Cincinnati to compete in this race to raise money for various charities. And who says we can't have a little fun in the process? Or maybe a LOT of fun!

So some readers may be asking:

Will my swollen left foot, still inflamed from last month's hiking misadventure with Shaun's dog Sheamus, allow me to complete my leg of the race without reducing me to tears?

And will our two PDX relay teams cross the Flying Pig "Finish Swine" victoriously?

Update 5/5/14--

And now there's one more burning question to answer in the next post...

...Would I actually wear this tutu in front of friends, spectators, and news cameras on the day of the race?

Check back here in a week or two, for extra snow pics with the kiddos... and later, for coverage of tomorrow's race!

This quick overnight trip to Cincinnati is gonna be a literal marathon.

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