Monday, April 20, 2015

Breaking overnight news: Videos of Levi's first steps, and more!!

We interrupt my 2-part biking/hiking European mini-travelogue (link) to bring you this important announcement...

Baby Levi took his first steps last night!

Vine video: Click "unmute" to hear Levi's (and Daddy's) screams of joy... or just enjoy the silence

Readers may remember Garth's Blog celebrating the day that Lena took her first steps a couple years ago, and this day is every bit as exciting!  At 15 months old, we expected that Levi would've been walking already.  But better late than never!  Levi was so proud of himself, right along with Daddy, Mommy, and big sister.

While Kathy and the grandparents keep shopping for Levi's baby clothes, I'll start tracking down deals on mountaineering crampons for his baby shoes.  There are some thrilling outdoor adventures in store for this one.

So what happened next?

Levi fell down...

... Then Levi got back up onto the step, and then he took another step or two.

There was plenty of cheering and applause...

...And then Levi finally psyched himself for his next trick:  Standing up on his own, without using the step!

Vine video: You'll definitely want to hit "unmute" for this clip.  For whatever reason, Lena is congratulating HERSELF for this accomplishment.  It's all just too adorable.

We have a baby hiker on our hands!!

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Susan Hamilton said...

I've watched this fun video of Levi's first steps about 47 times already, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it every time! I hope this little film clip will stay on your blog...forever!