Friday, April 17, 2015

The Netherlands: Bicycling to Haarlem

Updated pic from Haarlem this morning; I ended up bicycling FROM Haarlem instead

Seoul, South Korea was once again the goal for this overseas day trip (our kids had been out of town for a couple days). Had the Seoul flights been too full to fly standby on like last month--and they were-- the alternate plan was to visit a few friends in Singapore for the day.

But prior to yesterday morning, I hadn't even CONSIDERED coming back here to the Netherlands again until sometime next month. Yet here I am.

Plan C it is, and I'm solo on this one. My Dutch friends are currently scattered around visiting the coast, the U.K., and Germany. And a couple of my Twitter friends in Arnhem have work/travel schedules that keep them hopping.

Business Elite cabin view of the Netherlands this morning

If it's convenient to rent a bicycle here in Amsterdam, I'll soon be on my way to Haarlem to drop off my backpack at a hostel. From there, I'll ride to Nationaal Park de Zuid-Kennemerland in search of a bike lock and some hiking trails.

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4/20- Thought I'd drop a pic from my new Instagram page that I created last week, too.

Thanks to Martijn and Antonette from the we12travel outdoor adventure blog (link also on the sidebar of Garth's Blog) for the suggestion for today's upcoming adventure!  I'll add links and maybe another photo or two to this post when I'm not limited to mobile phone blogging. [4/18- Links and pics added]

I plan to continue today's story from the Netherlands before featuring other recent travel/outdoor adventure outings on Garth's Blog.  But either way...

...More to come, when I get back to the States!

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